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About Me

A health and fitness professional in the brain of a computer nerd. I love to know how things work and am in a constant pursuit to learn more about both technology and the way the body works. I ask, “What is not only a good solution but a sustainable one?” when I am approaching problems, nutrition, and any time I am making changes to be a better coach or parent. I drink a minimum of 4 cups of coffee a day, and get to spend most of my time next to the cutest corgi on the planet (slight bias). If it’s a craft I want to know how to do it and have been known to spend a lot of time playing video games (horde, blood elf yo).

My  Life

Growing up in sunny Southern California on the beach in a wonderful little family of parents who are still married and love each other, a younger brother who can always make me laugh and my little Bolivian grandma was wonderful. In college I found myself in the theatre repertory and behind a sound and lighting board. Stage management came to me naturally and led to a move to NYC. The theatre career never happened but turned into temp jobs, a failed run at running my own candle business, and a string of marketing and technical jobs. Rock bottom happened in 2009. I had constant headaches, was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, thyroid disease, and had open surgery on my ovaries for large cysts. I was also over 300 pounds and went through a horrendous break up. I made the decision to take control and responsibility over where I was and where my life was going and stick it out in this amazing city instead of running back to CA. My Mom flew out and helped get me back on my feet and yoga did the rest. I lost over 100 pounds, was recruited into a new job, met the man I fell in love with and the children who I could not love more and get to be a bonus Mom to. 

The Important Things

Hot coffee in the morning. Time with the kiddos. Dog walks with Zeppelin. Apple products. Hot coffee in the afternoon. Sunsets and clouds. A good personal development book. Bacon. Iced coffee in the summer. Being with my guy.





Culinary Goddess


Wearing Leggings


Working Girl

In fourth grade we had to make a collage of what we would be when we grew up. I drew a girl with corkscrew ringlets for hair behind a typewriter. Like so many girls I decided somewhere in high school I was going to be a famous actress. I laugh thinking of this now but I did give it a shot in college. I had one starring role as Mina in Dracula and was really good…only one of the nights in our 15 night run. Also during college I took a temp position at an aerospace company. They asked me to create something called a database in a program called excel (haha). I agreed to do it with no idea what I was doing. I went to the bookstore to buy a book on this thing called excel.  Turns out they just needed a fancy spreadsheet. That became a pattern – If I didn’t know something I would go out and learn it. I love computers. New York city was very different than California as far as jobs went but in retrospect I learned vital tools in each gig and even more when I ran my own company. The path to being a fitness professional has been more like an obstacle course but one I would do again. And I do love to sit behind my keyboard. Some days my hair is even in ringlets.

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

― Tony A. Gaskins Jr.